Location Mapping

AutoPro Location Mapping is a fast Windows Mapping application.
This module is used to create live maps with Location MapPoints for any purpose.
For example: Site location, customer relations, demographics and so on.

With AutoPro Location Mapping you can …

  • Create, Print, Load, Save and Merge maps and their Locations.
  • Find, View and Save Locations just by entering a Postcode.
  • Show Distances between points, as-the-crow-flies or by road routes.
  • Connect online to show Routes, Distances and Travel Times between Locations
    by merely entering two Cities, Towns, Postcodes, GeoData, Latitude/Longitude etc.
  • Colour-code locations for easy identification and grouping
  • Zoom in and out to exact locations anywhere in the world to create MapPoints.
For an example of a Location Map in use, please click here
or click the images below to show various screenshots ...
UK City Map with Favourite Locations
UK Cities
Zoom to Locations & click to add MapPoint
Zoom to MapPoint
European City Map
European cities
Print, Preview and Save Maps
Print Preview
Please Note ...
  • AutoPro Location Mapping is included in our Automotive products and is also
    available as a standalone application with a one-off cost.
  • AutoPro Location Mapping is not included in our Trial verisons.
  • AutoPro Location Mapping is not available to embed into your Website.

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