VRM LookUp

AutoPro VRM© is a fast Vehicle Registration Mark Lookup service, supplying data from the DVLA. It is used to find detailed information about a vehicle. AutoPro VRM will find data on Cars, Vans, Trucks and Motorcycles in the UK.

With AutoPro VRM Lookup you can …

  • Type in a Vehicle Registration number and AutoPro VRM© retrieves DVLA vehicle details (internet connection required).
  • When used with our AutoMotive products, VRM Lookup© will provide information for a Job Detail (workshop job card), for accurate parts identification, ordering, history etc.
  • When used with our AutoMotive products, VRM Lookup© will provide information for Vehicle Sales, for vehicle details, history and sales information, prices and so on…
We have the following data available …
  • Vehicle data – Including Engine, Chassis/Vin Number, Fuel Type, Colour etc.
  • Battery data – Including images of terminals, location …
  • MoT History data – Showing certificates and failure reasons.
  • Vehicle valuations – Showing trade-in, new costs …
  • Tyre data – Shows sizes, pressures, rims, hubs, bolt info etc.
  • We have the absolute lowest cost for the features included.
For an example of a live VRM Lookup, please click here
or click the images below to show various screenshots ...

Vehicle data

Battery data

MoT history

Vehicle Valuation
To view our VRM video tutorial click here
Please note
  • The VRM module is a Windows Desktop Application and is free* with our AutoMotive Software.
  • Each VRM Lookup© has a unit cost per use (from 5p), depending on credits purchased (ask)
  • VRM Lookup is not available for building into your Website, but available separately for PC.
  • For copyright and security reasons, VRM Lookups are not available in our Trial versions.

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