VRM LookUp

AutoPro VRM© is a fast Vehicle Registration Mark Lookup service, supplying data from the DVLA. It is used to find detailed information about a vehicle. AutoPro VRM will find data on Cars, Vans, Trucks and Motorcycles in the UK.

With AutoPro VRM Lookup you can …

  • Type in a Vehicle Registration number and AutoPro VRM© retrieves DVLA vehicle details (internet connection required).
  • When used with our AutoMotive products, VRM Lookup© will provide information for a Job Detail (workshop job card), for accurate parts identification, ordering, history etc.
  • When used with our AutoMotive products, VRM Lookup© will provide information for Vehicle Sales, for vehicle details, history and sales information, prices and so on…
We have the following data available …
  • Vehicle data – Including Engine, Chassis/Vin Number, Fuel Type, Colour etc.
  • Battery data – Including images of terminals, location …
  • MoT History data – Showing certificates and failure reasons.
  • Vehicle valuations – Showing trade-in, new costs …
  • Tyre data – Shows sizes, pressures, rims, hubs, bolt info etc.
  • We have the absolute lowest cost for the features included.
These examples show how we use AutoPro VRM Lookup©

Vehicle data

Battery data

MoT history

Vehicle Valuation
To view our VRM video tutorial click here
Please note
  • The VRM module is a Windows Desktop Application and is free* with our AutoMotive Software.
  • Each VRM Lookup© has a unit cost per use (from 5p), depending on credits purchased (ask)
  • VRM Lookup is not available for building into your Website, but available separately for PC.
  • For copyright and security reasons, VRM Lookups are not available in our Trial versions.

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