Document Designer

AutoPro Document Designer©

Is a fully functioned Mail and Document editor, with easy to use features…

  • You can quickly and easily create letters, flyers, booklets and many other documents.
  • Save to many different formats including PDF, DOCX, HTML, RTF and standard TXT.
  • Email your documents as attachments, right from the screen*.
  • Use any Windows© font, size, style and colour in your documents.
  • You can embed and manipulate Images, TextBoxes and Tables.
  • Document Designer Includes powerful Search and Replace and SpellCheck features.
  • Easily insert Database Fields from your files to create Mail Merge documents
  • (e.g for customer Service Reminders).
  • Comparable to Microsoft Word our Document Designer has the lowest possible cost for the included features, you can’t buy a better Word Processor for less!
  • You can Download working versions from our Download page or check Prices for details.
  • Click here to see our Video tutorials for more details.

This screenshot shows how you can create a letterhead and merge fields from your existing data into a Payment Reminder.

Click the image to view…

*Requires our Email product – included in complete applications.

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