AutoPro PostCoder is a UK postcode application

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•You can quickly and easily Search and Browse UK Postcodes and Addresses.
•You can copy the results to the Windows Clipboard to paste into your application.
•You can send the result fields to any AutoPro module which has an address.
•Saving much time when creating Invoices, Letters, Customers, Suppliers, Diary …
•Modular – you can expand on its range and data content.
•Great for people who deliver goods or services!
•You can search addresses using partial data.
•You can get driving directions or a map of any address found.
••Absolute lowest cost for features included – guaranteed!

Example of a Postal Code Search…

e PostCoder includes ALL UK regions.
•• When purchased separately.
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A demonstration of this product can be seen in our Demos or Tours, but please be
aware that for copyright reasons our demonstrations do not contain postal data.

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