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Our flagship AM5 software is packed full of features.


All our packages have comprehensive Invoicing features.

See our Gallery and Tours for details.


Easy-to-use BookKeeping with Ledgers, VAT, Banking, Bills …

Vehicle Health Check

Use AutoPro Vehicle Health Check to provide quick visual
inspections and reports on vehicles and increase customer
satisfaction and retention.

VRM Lookup

AutoPro VRM is a fast Desktop Vehicle Registration Mark lookup service*.
VRM locates data for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Motorcycles using live DVLA data.

Scheduling and Diary maintenance

Our multi-purpose diary features allow you to plan in advance, including…

  • Book work in advance for your workshop (Workshop Loading).
    Create JobCards from the Diary in a single click from Job Detail..
  • Track Vehicles, Staff and Courtesy Cars for your customers.

    See our Scheduler page for more details.

PURChase Ordering

Our feature rich Purchase Order modules allows you to create Purchase Orders,
Goods Received and Goods Returned notes and track and process deliveries.

Stock can be automatically updated and Suppliers Bills tracked in our BookKeeper.

EMAIl and TExt Messenging

Our SMS and Email Messaging features are included* in all packages.
You can contact your customers instantly – right from the screen!

You can create Standard and Bulk Email, SMS and much more.

Document Design

With our fully featured Document Designer you can make documents, 
mail-merge letters to your customers, create leaflets, flyers and many
other business and administrative documents.

For example, you can modify our Reminder documents.


Our PostCoder module is included with our full packages,
you rarely need to type an address – anywhere.

Postal data is provided free of charge and live through
our gateway directly from Royal Mail data.

Reports, Graphs and Charting

Preset Reports are included, such as Service/Repair Histories, Job Profitablility etc.
In addition, our Report Designer allows you to create and save your own custom reports.

Our extensive Graph and Charting tools allow you to visualise your data in
a new, clear and informative way.


You can report and save your information in many other ways…
Our View pages and Report Designer can export some, or all data to
industry standard files …
CSV, TXT, Excel (XLS and XLSX), HTM, XML, PDF and many more…
Our Transfer Data module (in all our packages) can send Invoice data
accurately and securely into other specialist accounts applications …
Sage (Line 50, 100 and One), Quicken, Quicken XG, QuickBooks, Xero and
to HMRC for MTD (making tax digital)
Send to accountants for finalising accounts and preparing your taxation details.
Also, our Document Designer allows easy-to-use Mail Merging to create the information in a more visual way to include graphics, tables etc and saves to standard formats such as …

Tired of typing the same thing over and over?

Whole pages of information can be saved and retrieved with our FasText feature – great for large repetetive Jobs! See our AutoMotive tour for more details.

Using our Combinations feature (aka Menu Pricing), you can add hundreds of items
in a single click to Invoices, JobCards and Purchase Orders
These can include single items or complete work or process costs.

 We play fair

  • We match your business to our products, we’ll never sell you something you won’t need.
    We guarantee you’ll absolutely not find any package as complete for the price.
  • There are no contracts, just pay-as-you-go with our low-cost subscriptions.
  • We use standard databases, and unlike others we don’t password, encrypt or charge you for information you’ve entered should you leave (but you won’t) – your data’s yours, forever.

For more details on our products and features, use the underlined links above.
* SMS and VRM usage costs apply.