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AutoPro Messenger is a fully functioned
Email and SMS Text messaging application.

With AutoPro Messenger you can quickly and easily …

  • Send messages to single or multiple destinations via Email or SMS* Text message.
  • Works alongside existing Email (e.g Outlook or SMTP) .
  • Messenger also comes with our Quick SMS addon (also available separately) that allows delivery of a ‘direct-through-gateway‘ SMS Text message that’s normally delivered in less than 4 seconds to your recipient !
  • PLUS if your SMS Text is to a normal landline, text is converted to voice** and read out loud to your recipient!
  • Create unlimited Recipient Email Address lists and Save them for future loading using the Load Recipients function, useful if you have a list of customers or employees you need to contact regularly.
  • Create a Recipient SMS Phone Number list and Save it for future loading using the Load Recipients function.
  • Create unlimited Messages (aka: Signatures) and Save them for future loading using the Load Message function, useful if you have some text you send on a regular basis e.g Collection/Delivery, Notification, Offers etc.
  • Add any other Attachments (images, documents or other files) to your Emails.
  • NEW Bulk Mail
  • Send Multiple Attachments (eg: Invoices) to Multple Recipients in a batch (see image below) in a single click!
  • Works on-screen with all saved data (phone numbers, email addresses etc) of our other applications…
  • Used for Reminders, Collection, Delivery, Mail and all Documents in our AutoMotive packages.
  • Open APi allows developers to take advantage of all its features.
  • Absolute lowest cost for features included!

* SMS text messages require text credits.