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AutoPro Scheduler© is an extremely open-ended
and flexible Event & Time-Management module.

AutoPro Scheduler© is designed to allow users to manage their time more
efficiently (see images below), and includes the following features …

  • Events can be simply added, modified and interactively moved around the Scheduler
    from Date to Date or from one Resource to another (e.g One person to another).
  • Event Duration can be visually reallocated by just dragging the Event.
  • Event Time type can be shown as, for example:
    Busy, Confirmed, Tentative, Free …
    These can be changed to suit your needs!*
  • Event Type can be shown as, for example:
    Business, Holiday, Travel, Important etc, etc
    These can be changed to suit your needs!*
  • Recurring Events can be simply added e.g.: Holidays, Lunch Breaks,
    Anniversaries, Maintenance Intervals, etc etc.
  • Event Time-Line can display by Hour, 30min, 15min, 5min.
  • Event View can show any Date Range or alternate dates (see below):
    e.g: Day, Week, Working week, Month, Year…
    Any range can be shown by selecting dates on the calendar.
  • Events are compatible with and can be Exported to:
    TXT, XLS, HTML and XML files, Microsoft Outlook and iCalendar.
  • Time View – Shows Resources against horizontal time line – perfect for Daily Bookings!
    Year View – Shows Events for a whole year.*
  • Resource Selection – Choose how many Resources to View at once*
  • Reminder Alarms – You can now be informed before an event happens !*

Examples of the uses of Scheduler …

  • Workshop Loading system for planning Jobs in advance (in AutoMotive).
  • Courtesy Cars and Vehicles (in AutoMotive).
  • Vehicle Sales Prospecting (in AutoMotive).
  • Recovery Vehicle and Driver availability (in AutoMotive).
  • Transport Vehicle and Driver availability (in BusAndCoach).
  • Staff Holiday and Time planner (all our main applications).

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