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User Updates

To acquire Updates use the Download icons below…
You’ll need to select SAVE if your browser (Explorer, Firefox etc) asks you what you want to do with the file.
The best place to save the file is your Windows Desktop, you can then double-click the icon on Desktop to
run the package after it has downloaded.
The files here contain everything you need and cannot affect any existing data you have.
Once run, follow the prompts installing to your original installation folder …

Versions and Builds

To check your current Version and Build, use the Contact tile on the main screen.
ALWAYS backup before and check settings on User Setup after installation!

AutoMotive AM5

Click to Download the Update

AM5 Build Information

Click to View the Document.
This document shows all the changes to AM5 since its inception
in January 2015, where it replaced our AM3 AutoMotive product.
The newest changes are at the top, see Document for details.


AM5 Tools

Click above to Download AM5 Tools.
This includes the following Tools and Utilities…
NetWork Setup, Messenger ,
QuickSMS, VRM Lookup,
Document Designer, Reminders
and our Data Import tools.

Additional Tool Downloads
Unzip Dictionary files to your AutoPro folder
for Document Designer SpellChecker
Click here for Dictionary Files

AutoMotive AM3

Deprecated August 2013
Obsolete December 2019

AM3 Tools

August 2013
Obsolete December 2019

Bus & Coach 2

Obsolete October 2012

AutoMotive 2

Obsolete March 2003

General support items

Printer Drivers

Free printer drivers, courtesy of BullZip applications…
PDF Printer driver – create, save and email documents as PDF files.
Word Printer driver- convert any document to a Word doc file, using your Print menu
Download, install and use them just like any printer on your system.

Click the Link above to download various Help Documents.
Early Builds

Click the Link above to download earlier product versions.

DataPump Engine
Borland Database Engine(BDE) – Database drivers etc
for Importing external data with our earlier DataPump©.

Database Drivers
Microsoft Access 2016 Database Driver installation – 32bit
Microsoft Access 2016 Database Driver installation – 64bit
Microsoft Access 2010 Database Driver Installation
These are Microsoft installations of the ‘drivers’ for our database.
NB: Use only when instructed, and only install the version we recommend.

Tutorial Videos and Details
NB: These videos are IN ADDITION to the Interactive pages tutorials, please click there first.
Additional tutorial information and videos…

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